Our Approach

Our mission is to inspire great business performance and wealth creation through open-book management. We get everyone involved in the business, with the goal of dramatically increasing value for shareholders, employees, and customers.

.Bill Fotsch Open-Book Coaching

Before I explain how Open-Book Coaching works, let me just say that I love being a business coach.

I’ve seen so many struggling companies suddenly get better. I’ve seen so many good companies turn into great ones. Owners, managers, employees—everyone has more fun. And everyone makes more money.

I went out on my own to set up a business that would operate a little differently from most consulting and coaching firms. Here are four points of difference:


1. We offer our own rigorous, time-tested methodology

It’s tailored to the immediate needs of your company. The boost in performance is usually quick—and significant.


2. We keep your costs low

New technologies such as Skype and screen sharing allow us to do much of our work remotely. Of course, if you want us on site, we’ll be there. Whatever works best for you.


Bill Fotsch Open-Book Coaching3. We offer a no-nonsense guarantee of client satisfaction

If you’re not happy with our work during any given month, just ignore our invoice. We want to get paid for results, not time spent.


4. We believe in transparency and common sense

If you hire us, we will guide you on a five-step journey—if that’s what you need. If you’re already a ways down the open-book path, we’ll start wherever you need help. We specialize in implementing open-book management from scratch—and improving existing programs.


Our Five-Step Open-Book Journey

Here are the five parts of our common-sense approach to boosting performance and bettering employees’ lives.

1. Gather data

We always begin by compiling the facts that show exactly where your company needs to get stronger. Learn more


2. Define your key performance measure

We’ll help your team identify the one area where improvement would give the biggest boost in financial performance. Learn more


3. Make performance transparent

Together, we’ll figure out how to create visibility on that one area throughout the organization. We want every team member to understand the measure and to know whether the company is winning right now. Learn more


4. Align incentives

We’ll help design a bonus plan that costs your company nothing unless your results improve—and that pays for itself when they do. And we’ll integrate the plan with the scoreboard. This is when the economics of the business begin to come alive. Learn more


5. Rollout and drive results

We’ll show you how to involve people in tracking performance and forecasting future results. That gets everyone to start thinking proactively—and to learn by looking at the variances between forecast and actual. Learn more


The Open-Book Coaching Advantage

The process outlined here is something you can do on your own. Our coaching support is only a shortcut and a helping hand. Because of our experience, you can move faster, taking advantage of our expertise, tools, and support. You can avoid mistakes, and you can generate results that are better than you might achieve on your own. But it’s up to you. Let us know how we can help.