Gather data

Step 1: We help you diagnose your company needs

It always amazes us when consulting or coaching firms want you to plunge into their program without first diagnosing what your company needs. We don’t make that mistake. Our first step is always to gather information about your business from six different sources:

  • An online confidential employee survey
  • An online confidential questionnaire for your management team
  • Financial statements for the past five years, plus budget vs. actual for current year-to-date
  • Existing management reports
  • An analysis of the market, and your competitive position in it
  • Input from your customers, as captured by our customer outreach script, which is also a great way of boosting your repeat and referral business. 


Result: Issues surface rapidly

The problem areas show up pretty quickly once you have all this data in hand. Sometimes the internal surveys reveal difficulties you didn’t know you had. Sometimes the financials are screaming about a particular problem—a consistent decline in gross-profit margin, say, or an increase in SG&A not matched by revenue growth. Wherever the trouble lies, we’ll report it to you.

This part of the process usually takes no more than two or three weeks. If you already have this information collected and available, we will use that and move on to define your team’s key performance measure, or “critical” number.


Special offer: FREE online survey to pinpoint company issues

To get started, just give us your name and e-mail address, and we’ll send you the links to our 15-question online survey along with instructions. When you and your team have completed the survey, we’ll crunch the numbers and e-mail you the results. It’s easy, quick, effective, and maybe even fun. The regular cost of the survey alone is about $1,500, so you’ll save a bundle by signing up now.



Next steps

footstepsStep 2: Define your critical number

Step 3: Make performance transparent with scoreboards

Step 4: Align your incentives

Step 5: Rollout and drive results

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