Make performance transparent

Step 3: Transparency is a foundation of open-book management

What good does it do to establish a key performance measure if people can’t tell whether they’re winning or losing? It’s as if you covered up the scoreboard at a basketball game. Most fans would lose interest pretty quickly.

So as soon as we have the results from the previous step, we’ll help you design a business scoreboard—something that will create hard-to-miss visibility for everyone on the team. Some companies put a big whiteboard showing the key numbers up on the wall. Others use dashboard software for employees’ computers. The format doesn’t matter, so long as the numbers are right there where people can’t help noticing them.


Result: Real visibility with scoreboards

The best scoreboards don’t just report a single number. They also report budget vs. actual, and they report the numbers that affect your key performance measure. Very quickly, we’ll help your team members begin to forecast numbers on the scoreboard. That helps them think proactively about how to improve results.

Setting up a scoreboard is typically an iterative process lasting between one and three weeks. We’ll review ideas, exchange examples, and build on your existing management reports.


Next steps


open-book coaching stepsStep 4: Align your incentives

Step 5: Rollout and drive results

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