People + Productivity: The Open-Book Solution

Our new ebook is a short, sweet summary of exactly how you can implement open-book management in your company—and the kind of results you can expect

More and more companies are turning to open-book management to boost their financial performance and increase employee engagement. Now Bill Fotsch, one of the world’s leading open-book advisers, shares the basics of his time-tested methodology in this brief white paper. You’ll learn:

  • How to define what winning means for your business
  • How to track your progress
  • How to build buy-in through an incentive plan
  • How to get people involved in forecasting results


Bill illustrates his points with examples from his client list. And best of all, it’s absolutely FREE. Just hover over or click on the image below to view or download the ebook. And let us know what you think.




Special offer: FREE online survey to pinpoint company issues

To get started, just give us your name and e-mail address, and we’ll send you the links to our 15-question online survey along with instructions. When you and your team have completed the survey, we’ll crunch the numbers and e-mail you the results. It’s easy, quick, effective, and maybe even fun. The regular cost of the survey alone is about $1,500, so you’ll save a bundle by signing up now.


5 Steps to open-book success


Step 1: Gather data

Step 2: Define your critical number

Step 3: Make performance transparent with scoreboards

Step 4: Align your incentives

Step 5: Rollout and drive results

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