Rollout and drive results

Step 5: Tracking and forecasting

Now comes the fun part, when people start watching the numbers and learn how to move the needle. Your key performance measure is up on the scoreboard. People begin to ask how they can affect it. They start tracking what happens from week to week, because they know it affects their pocketbook. They learn to forecast next week’s or next month’s results. We’ve  even seen a company where employees began a small office pool on whether they would hit a given target by the end of the following month.


Result: Smart company, better results

istock_000009717218xsmall-resized-600 (1)This may be when you want to use other management tools, such as lean or continuous improvement. Open-book management shows employees the why. Other tools can often aid them in seeing the how. We’ll help you monitor your results and adapt your system for as long as you would like us to. In fact, if you are interested, we will tie half of our compensation directly to the same self-funded incentive plan that pays out for everyone else. No results, no performance compensation for us. We’ll have skin in the game—just like you..



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